Possibility Mapping (heavy object and built environment)


  • It is only through our interactions/collaborations/experiments that we show up.
  • Change the assemblage and a different set of possibilities emerges.
  • Can we explore differently in order to reveal new possibilities?
  • Through the use of new tools, do we get a new world to interact with?
  • How do you arrive at the places that are not yet mapped?
  • Observations and questions arising from the Live Feeds research programme led by Spurse, NYC 2011

    Possibility Probe (heavy object and built environment)
    is a starting point for asking questions and conducting experiments. A direct response to the trend of making mobile technology smaller, lighter and more discreet; these objects are unwieldy, heavy and broadcast to all within hearing distance.

    Cumbersome – a burden if not shared – these Possibility Probes resonate with the built environment that they are carried through. Like a drum or a heart, they beat faster the more they are surrounded by the fabric of the city, slowing as space opens up around them.

    How you carry them, where you carry them and who you journey with will all affect the possibilities that emerge and the unseen qualities that are revealed to you.








    More images on Flickr: photo set | slideshow