Would you like a circuit-bent Furby?

I’m unlikely to part with this one (still needs a name, by the way), but I’d like to know if people would be interested in commissioning their very own circuit-bent Furby?

well-funky furby

well-funky furby

It looks like Funky Furbies (like the one above, video here) are going on ebay for about £20, so let’s say that after they’ve been circuit-bent and had extra components put in etc etc you’re looking of a starting price of around £50.

furbile from nikkipugh on Vimeo.

It might be possible to get a smaller one, like the above, on ebay for less, maybe even £5, but that depends on how the auctions play out…

Anyway, if you’re interested in commissioning your own unique little ear-wiggling bleepy thing please contact me and we can arrange a design brief and a budget to work to.