The birds and the bees and the fish

I had a sleepless night a few weeks ago when, seeded by GPS Orchestra, inspiration for a project struck.

Actually, less inspiration and more a vision of the finished thingy. The task now is to figure out how to make it.

Whilst that’s going on, I’ve been looking for ways to describe what it is that I want to make (happen). The image that seems to capture something of the quality of the movement of people that I’d like to see is that of a shoal of fish. You know the epic, deep water, deep deep blue natural history films; you know the voice over; you know the big shoal of fish, moving through the ocean as a group of individuals; and then flash! suddenly there’s a coordinated movement and a moment of silver.

I think that’s what I’m after.

Looking for video, I’ve also got sucked into murmurations.

I also aspire to the reaction at 1m 40s in the video below:

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.

That’d be nice, huh?

And the bees? More to come on them later, I expect…