Testimonials please

In which I ask for a few minutes of your time in return for the promise of more good things ahead…

In 2008 I was awarded support from Arts Council England to run workshops at the Dislocate symposium and at hanare project in Japan, and also to participate in the Almost Perfect co-production residency at the Banff New Media Institute in Canada.

My practice got nudged onto new tracks and cranked up a notch or five. Now with added locative media and things in the city.

When I got home I co-founded and co-ran the fizzPOP hackspace and the BARG games network, both of which involved running programmes of events and workshops alongside the other participatory stuff of my main practice. All this, bar indirectly via a few commissions, with no further support from public funds.

Hands up please if you've taken part in something I've organised...

Now, three years later, I am in the process of writing another application for Arts Council funding; again to support professional development activities in foreign parts: two weeks in New York City, a couple of visits to Netherlands and… two days in Newcastle…

In case you’re not familiar with the Grants for the Arts application form, there’s a section that asks for me to describe how the public (that’s you) engages with my work. Specifically:

Details about the people the activity will reach (for example, the audiences or people taking part), stating whether these people would not normally engage with the arts (see our information sheet ‘Public engagement’).

One of the four criteria against which my application will be assessed is “How the activity increases opportunities for the public to engage in arts activities.”

I could write this section, but it would carry a lot more weight (and give me valuable feedback on what I’m doing) if you could spare a few sentences to describe in your own words your experiences with the things that I (and various collaborators) have made happen. I really would be very grateful.

Here’s a quick reminder of some of my doings that you may have participated in over the last few years:

Colony prototyping, with Fierce at VIVID and The Edge
The Ministry of Rules, with The City Gallery at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
Circuitbending 101 workshops, at Nottingham Hackspace and Meshed Media
Enter the Arena, with BARG at mac
Taste the Game, with BARG at mac
The Bloop/ Sonar Goggles, with Hide&Seek at Warwick Arts Centre and National Theatre
Location Aware, with Radiator
Market Pongs I, II or III, with BARG
Theremin Day workshops, with Mr Underwood and fizzPOP
Improbable Machine, with fizzPOP at The Lombard Method
Useless Machine workshop, with fizzPOP
Uncertain Eastside Walk and Talk event
fizzPOP Howduino, with fizzPOP, Howduino and Hello Digital
Invigilator: Malvern, with Paul Conneally and MECA
Person, Panther, Porcupine at Mozcamp
Emergent Game, with BARG at The Lamp Tavern and with Hide&Seek at the Royal Festival Hall
w i d e o p e n s p a c e, with BARG
fizzPOP hacksessions, any of them between April 2009 and October 2010
BARGmeets and events between January 2009 and October 2010

Looking at all those links, I guess there’s quite a large secondary audience consuming my work online, too!

If you add your testimonial to the comments below I can link to this page in my application, but if you’d prefer to contact me privately, you can do so via the contact form.

Thank you for taking part.