Kyoto toyshop

Shortly after an observation that the art in Japan often happens outside of the art scene, Felicity took me to a toyshop.

By that stage the conversation had moved on to architecture and the toyshop was to be an example of a building that, let’s face it, probably wouldn’t be around for much longer.


Yes the toyshop sold toys. But it also sold customised jeans.


It was a toys and jeans shop.

customised stuff

After purchasing a song book (from the toys and jeans shop) we were invited to have a look upstairs.


To what is the jeans customiser’s studio.


The previous owner had been in the building for 50 years and never used the upper floor. But the jeans customiser had cleared it out. The paper screens were brown with age, and there were ancient newspapers pasted onto the walls.

felicity absolutely categorically not looking down on anyone in the street

Bloody marvellous, but I bet it’s Baltic in the Winter.

[Oh, and recently the studio of the toys and jeans shop had also been turned into a tea shop.]