Welcome to the genzaichi/you are here edition.

現在地 【げんざいち】 (n) present location; current location; “you are here” (on map)Jim Breen

It’s that “present location” bit that’s been resonating with me since those 29 walks in 2006 and taking a closer look at the locale maps at the Yamanote stations.

you are in Shinjuku

Beyond a physical existence, being present in a location also suggests to me being alert to what is going on there. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve already talked a bit about why I felt it was time for a re-design, so this is what we’ve arrived at:


Shifted to centre-stage. This is where most of the content is; this is where you get a more accurate picture of who I am and what I’m about.

The feed address is


A year and a half out of graduation and feeling the bite of lack of critical exchange. Commenting on this site is possibly long overdue. Let’s find out…

Mailing list

I hereby pledge to use it more often. (Not too much though.) Get yourself signed up if you’re not already.

That profile page.

The very idea of pinning things down in print makes me cringe, but I can’t read this one so that’s not so bad. Thank you to all the blind monk contributors.

Current Projects

That’s what those blocks on the left hand side are: the main things I’m working on at the moment. Sort of. Not all of it. Consider them edited highlights.

So, what do you think? Let’s inaugurate that comment form with some feedback on the new design: any questions? what do you think about the approach? what doesn’t work on your browser? any ideas on how to tune fonts in sIFR?