Free Internet Access?

The players in Emergent Game are currently working on a challenge where they’ve been asked to map any free internet access they can find.

Judging by the Google map for the mission they’re finding it hard going. So far they’ve logged a few libraries and a couple of free WiFi connections.

the recon2 map

The issue of free WiFi in Birmingham (or the lack thereof) has come up a bit recently, and the idea of mapping free WiFi nodes is not new – although it’s often hard to distinguish between genuinely free resources and those you have to pay to use.

We’re appealing here for anyone who knows of a free WiFi connection or, (even better for the purposes of Emergent Game) anywhere members of the public can use an internet-connected computer for free, to let us know in the comments on this page. Then we can hunt it down, add it to the map and use it later as part of The Game. Of course, you could even add it yourself, if you felt so inclined…

The recon2 map is here and it’s public access for anyone to view. Like the resources it maps, it’s free. Use it.