circuitbent easy button

After Jimmie Rodgers described his use of it for circuit-bending workshops, I thought I’d investigate a simple hack of the Staples easy button.

Prototyping with a breadboard

Prototyping with a breadboard

I swapped out the clock(?) resistor on the circuitboard for a light dependent resistor and here are the results:

circuitbent easy button from nikkipugh on Vimeo.

Except, that’s not all the results!

There’s not a lot to this thing: you vary the amount of light getting to the light dependent resistor and it affects the speed at which the “that was easy” sample is played back. It’s highly addictive though. It’s just the right size and weight to go in your hand and there are so many different effects you can get from it. There’s even a noticeable change in behaviour depending on what time of day you play with it.

Not that I’ve been playing with it instead of getting on with some work, you understand…