Over the last week I’ve been able to cobble together a couple of fairly respectable sandwichboards that I intend to use to mark out an area under the watchful eye of a group invigilation.

It required an interesting combination of tools and materials from Meg’s studio and things like tweezers and a compass that I have in my rucksack.


(just to put things to scale, the table is about a foot high…)

Finding people to work with for the invigilation is proving much more difficult so, for the time being, the boards remain blank and the red t-shirts un-worn.

the watchers

On the way back from invigilating a small section of the New Forest, we encountered Copythorne Carnival.

I was interested in the resonances with what I had just done and the presence of the stewards and the bystanders.

invigilator: new forest

Following on from this post, yesterday I transposed my usual walk to work in Birmingham to the area around my family home in the New Forest.

Rather than taking 20 minutes, we were walking for over 2 hours.

Many thanks to Lizzy and Russ for tailing me at a discreet distance with the telephoto lens.

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