Tell Me About a Time…

I’ve just installed a little corner in Birmingham Open Media as part of their Live R&D exhibition which opens tomorrow and runs through until March the 19th.

It’s intended as something of a story-gatherer and conversation-starter, so please do add to the little yellow notebooks with any tales you have to tell. Big or small.


tell me

tell me about

Tell Me About a Time…

Before the research, before the development, comes the blank canvas and the nebulous first whispers of an idea. Swirling around in Nikki’s head at the moment are themes of connectedness, journeying and adventure, all seeking places to settle and take form.

In Tell Me About a Time… Nikki invites you to share your stories that relate to some of these themes; because this is the time where talking to other people often provides the speck of a thing around which thinking and making nucleate. This is the time where you get a sense of the lie of the land before then deciding what sort of a path you might choose to navigate through it.

So please share your stories by writing them in the notebooks below, helping to gather together and celebrate poetic details of the everyday, moments of modest heroism and those tales that remind us who we are or can be.



Travelled Just Over 1,000 Miles

When Gran died I inherited her postcard collection. Looking through the wooden boxes my Mum and I found a slightly incongruous handwritten list of place names…

The list outlines a coach trip taken by my great grandmother Ida and two of her sisters: seven days travelling from Northenden (Manchester), down between Birmingham and the Welsh border before touring around Devon and Cornwall. There are accompanying postcards, but it’s the photo of the three sisters and their travelling companions that tell us most about how the journey might have been.

How do you tell travels to those who were not there?