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\Ap`o*se*mat”ic\, a. [Pref. apo- + sematic.] (Zo[“o]l.) Having or designating conspicuous or warning colors or structures indicative of special means of defense against enemies, as in the skunk.

… or, as in this case, a little toy mutilation/online social networking/role playing/flash mobbing/gang warfare warm-up for a game coming up in June.

Here’s my first toy mod to produce an avatar for use in the game:


  • 1 × soft toy from charity shop
  • 6 × flashing blue LEDs
  • 3 × white LEDs
  • 3 × UV LEDs
  • 12 × really small rubber o-rings
  • 3 × mini toggle switches
  • 1 × push-to-make switch
  • 1 × 9 volt battery
  • lots × poor soldering skills

After some experimentation with different configurations I had to accept that the battery really had to go underneath the wiring for the LEDs. Also that the LEDs needed glueing in position to stop them from dropping back down into the body of the ladybird. This now means that the avatar is a ladybird/nikki/mayfly hybrid with a limited lifespan – once the battery dies, the avatar kind of dies too.

This has already led to some interesting behaviour on my part as I watch myself becoming very protective of the little critter and its limited supply of energy: have I switched the LEDs off when they don’t need to be on? have I put it away in such a way that the push-to-make switch isn’t accidentally pushed-to-maked?

The game itself will be a hugely collaborative effort so we don’t yet know what the final outcome will be. All that we know right now is that you’ll need a mobile phone (or possibly just a camera and an internet connection) and a toy that has been modified to represent you within the game.

In the meantime, add your name to the Emergent Game mailing list and start scouring those charity shops for something that can represent you. (With a little bit of tweaking, of course.)

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