Three Texts

untitled (testimony)

Distilled from notes made over the course of the last year, approximately 200 statements made by others and deemed significant enough at the time to warrant recording traverse the wall and floor space of the IPS gallery.

untitled (testimony)

Preview: Monday 12th June 2006, 6-8pm
Open: Tuesday 13th June – Friday 16th June 2006, 10 – 6
Saturday 17th June 2006, 10 – 4

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Day Science/Night Science

day science installation view

Installation at the University of Birmingham
Preview: Tuesday 13th June 2006, 8-10pm
Open: Wednesday 14th June – Monday 3rd July, 24hours

Otherwise disparate narratives become condensed and intertwined in an installation at the Net Shape Building, Interdisciplinary Research Centre, University of Birmingham.

A French microbiologist researches how cells respond to their external conditions; a cognitive scientist explores creativity within art and within science; a graduate of Materials Engineering studies art; an artist struggles to choose a path forward…

More information on how it developed here, here and here.

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Counsel for the Artist

8 statements from untitled (testimony) that I consider keystones for my future artistic activities have been printed onto postcards. Visitors are encouraged to continue the process of dissemination.

counsel for the artist

Counsel (n); The act of exchanging opinions and ideas; consultation. Advice or guidance. A plan of action.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

Also at the Bournville degree show, IPS.

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