Sites of Potentiality Guidebooks

I was here for the first time one year ago. Now I am here for the second time and what was once wondrous and new I now readily accept as normal. I just walk on by without giving it a second thought – that’s if I even register it at all.

Sites of Potentiality Guidebooks

Formerly giving directions to galleries and exhibitions, where all manner of interesting things are collected within white rooms for our convenience, these maps have now had all names and labels removed.

Their anonymity gives them flexibility. They can be transposed onto wherever you are. Locate your starting point, allow their straight lines and right-angles to guide you through the real world and then find your place to be. There will always be something of interest there – you just need to find it. Examine, explore or just sit and spend time with the place.

This is what it is all about: expending that little bit of effort to rediscover the simple yet wondrous. All sites have the potential to contain something a little bit special; we just need an excuse to look for it.

Holding a Sites of Potentiality Guidebook, you are given carte blanche to get out there and re-engage with your surroundings. Use it in whatever way suits your purpose.

Exploring Tokyo: the Yamanote Line project

Sites of Potentiality Guidebooks: Ansdell

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