Emergent Game

Let’s go back to basics.

Emergent Game is a prototype.
Emergent Game is not new.

How can we frame socially-engaged projects so that people are motivated to participate in, engage with and take ownership of them? I think the answer lies in play.

Emergent Game has, wherever possible, been developed in a way that is responsive to what is going on in and around it. The project started with, well, just some starting points, and then was given space to grow:

  • The Game will be played out through soft-toy avatars: make it a bit silly – being faintly ludicrous breaks down a lot of barriers
  • Players will be anonymous: anonymity gives freedom.
  • The Game will be played out through Twitter: restrictions force creativity.

We are looking for a model that can be applied to different situations and different places, without making too many assumptions about how people are motivated and how they will act. We are looking for ways to accommodate, but we are also looking for ways to challenge.

Sapiens? Ludens? Choose.

Emergent Game
was a commission for New Generation Arts 2008.

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