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Walk to Work started with a proposition from Paul Conneally:

The piece i suggest we could link together on is called ‘Walk to Work’ – it links to and shifts on from your ‘sites of potentiality guidebooks‘ and some of Debord‘s ideas around psychogeographic drifts.

The artist and my friend Kevin Ryan was telling me how he was been sent ‘again’ (lucky sod) by the British Council to China and how it really wasn’t a holiday but work just like his day work of running Charnwood Arts here in the East Midlands.

So taking this at face value I set Kevin the task of mapping out his normal route to work in terms of lefts and rights etc and asked him to set off one day from where he was staying in China and Walk to Work following his normal route and ‘do some work’ when he got there where ever that was. The definition of work is blurred here so do something – take photos write sweep the street – whatever. He did it (not yet seen what work he did or spoken to him properly yet) and strangely he arrived at some kind of local arts event… not on his formal itinerary…

I can’t yet tell you where Walk to Work finished because we haven’t got there yet. However, in the meantime it has branched-off into the invigilator series.

Walk to Work: a collaborative project (or projects) with Paul Conneally and Kevin Ryan.

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