Introduction to the Peer-to-Peer Sketchbooks Project

I no longer rent the PO Box I was using for this project. If you have a postcard/sketchbook that you would like to return, please contact me for an alternative address.


A series of handmade ‘blank’ sketchbooks become a tool to initiate conversations and to investigate an artistic landscape.

blank sketchbook pages

Artists, curators and project spaces are invited to contribute a fragment of their current activity: be it doing, making or thinking. Having completed their page, they are then asked to to pass the sketchbook on to an artist of their choice for completion of the next page. In this way, the process of gathering these contributions will result in a sort of highly subjective cartography that maps out the current terrain of specific individuals and also the links between a progression of artists.

The journey of each book will be logged online so that we can trace the journey it makes. However, the contents of each sketchbook remain something only the contributors themselves share until each volume is completed and returned.

In the first instance there will be 26 sketchbook each with 26 blank pages: a through to z. I complete the first page of each sketchbook and then seek out the next contributor. In addition to starting trails here in the UK, several bilingual sketchbooks were produced and taken to Japan in September-November 2006.

To signify the start of the collation process, a one-night event at Springhill Institute brought together artists from both Japan and the UK together to compile Volume 0.

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