Instructions to Participants

I no longer rent the PO Box I was using for this project. If you have a postcard/sketchbook that you would like to return, please contact me for an alternative address.


Instructions to participants as given in the introduction of each sketchbook in English and 日本語.


This book forms part of the Peer-to-Peer Sketchbooks project by UK artist Nikki Pugh and supported by Springhill Institute.

The aim of this project is to map out what artists are doing, making or thinking about at a particular point in time and also to trace out links between artists.

If you have been asked to contribute to the project, there are a few simple instructions to follow:
1. Turn to the first blank page. This will be your page to complete.
2. Please use the square area to document your practice at this moment in time. This could be by way of a sketch, some words, a collage or a photograph. (You can use other methods if you like!)
3. Next fill in some details to tell us a little about the journey the sketchbook is making.
Please tell us your name; where you are; the date you received the sketchbook; the date you are giving the sketchbook to the next person; and the name of the next person. (Please do this on the main page and also on the large tear-off slip.)
4. Please post the slip with the details on it back to the address given. Nikki will document this information on her website so we can trace the journey the sketchbooks make:
5. The smaller tear-off slip has information for you to keep. If you would like to be kept informed of how the project develops please email Nikki at
6. If you have completed the last page in the book, please use the above email address to contact Nikki and arrange for the return of the book.

Please note that by participating in this project you are giving your permission for your contribution to be used or reproduced in further works or events related to this project. Your contribution will remain accredited to you.

Thankyou for your participation in the Peer-to-Peer Sketchbooks project.

Nikki Pugh


この本はイギリス在住のアーティスト ニッキー・ピュー、Springhill Institute 協力によるプロジェクト Peer-to-Peer Sketchbook (仲間から仲間へのスケッチブック)の一冊です。



1. 最初の空白のページを開いてください。それがあなたのページになります。
2. 四角く囲まれた部分に、そのときのあなたの創作活動について記録してください。記録の方法はスケッチ、文章、コラージュ、写真等自由です。
3. 次にスケッチブックのたどった道筋について記入してください。あなたの名前、居場所、スケッチブックを受け取った日付、次の人にスケッチブックをまわした日付、次の人の名前を書き入れてください。ページと大きい方の切り離し部分2カ所に書き入れてください。
4. ニッキーがその内容をインターネット上に掲示します。 でスケッチブックのたどった道筋を見ることができます。
5. 小さい方の切り離し部分はあなたが持っていてください。プロジェクトの今後の展開を知りたい方は までご連絡ください。
6. もしも、あなたが最後のページだった場合、上記メールアドレスにてスケッチブックを送り返す手続きををとってください。


Peer-to-Peer Sketchbookへの参加、どうもありがとうございます。


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