Traces of doings with Ikon and BIAD

The Northfield work I was involved with for Ikon Gallery is being showcased over the next few days. Their publicity seems to feature a photo of me pulling a jib rather extensively, but I hope that’s not reflected in the content of the exhibition.

11am–6pm until the 3rd of February
Events Room, Ikon Gallery

Hopefully some of the Mum Signs may leach out into the surrounding area, too…


I’ve also done a few more days with the second year students at BIAD, helping them refine their ideas and builds for the Mis-fitting project.

There will be scaly coats, stilt-walking sculptures, spongy red men, shopping bag costumes, generous plant pots and more, all making their appearances around Birmingham city centre over the next week or two. If you spot one of the happenings, feel free to join in and get involved!